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PLÚSTIC by Precious Plastic Ibiza

Upcycling Plastic through Creative Design.

"Turning plastic wastelands into fields of gold" 

Encouraged by the recent legal framework set by the European motion ‘Strategy for Plastic in a Circular Economy’, we bring to Ibiza an alchemic project, to transform rubbish into gold...

PlúsTic is a concept of circular design and social activation, inspired by the Digital Fabrication and Makers culture and promotes participatory approaches to the plastic crisis.

It aimes to  give new life to plastic residues that are infesting our oceans and lands by brining to Ibiza the Precious Plastic’s machines and the knowledge of its open source community. 

Precious Plastic is a project started in 2013 by Dave Hakkens and is a collection of open source machines, designed to reuse and value thermoplastics. Nowadays, this has become a global community of hundreds of people working towards a solution to plastic pollution.



At PlúsTic we integrate these tools with other digital equipments, to reach finer design solutions and customized productions.

Developed by interior designer, Gianpaolo Passaretti (Hand Lab), and marketing expert, Giada Forneris (Ibiland Communication), with the help of other makers and artists, our mission is to raise awareness about the role of plastic in our society creating value (objects, art and solutions) from waste materials. 

For this reason, we also plan to run educational workshops and communication campaigns, and to open the space for a Fab Lab,, in order to  share technologies and competences with all those talents in Ibiza who want to work on creative solutions to today's environmental challenges.

In short, we want to turn the enormous problem of plastic pollution into opportunities for the island, for the society and for those brands that want to take part to this modern revolution. 



From Plastic to PlúsTic! From polluting, we now need to swiftly move into a new paradigm with products and materials adding value to the Planet across their entire life cycle, instead of damaging it.

The first enemy to defy is, clearly, single use plastic (S.U.P.). To achieve this we need to make a revolution on how we think, moving away from contaminating behaviours and embracing a new culture, which focuses in value generation and respect. 


We are a team of communication specialists, designers, makers & artists who live in Ibiza. We work integrated creative solutions for clients around the world for marketing and design.  With years of experience we are now bringing our passion and expertise into sustainability, as we believe that cretivity can change the world, and that:

“Having planet Earth and not ruining it, 

is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want”

– Andy Warhol.





After years of work and investigation and thanks to the support of local NGOs (Ibiza Limpia, Plastic Free Ibiza & Formentera) and sponsors, such as Six Senses Hotel Ibiza, we managed to put together the right technology and expertise to start limited productions of unique objects, furniture, interior design solutions and artworks, that get people to make experience of the whole plastic chain.

We plan to have our first prototypes done in March 2020 and in June to launch our social activation campaigns and key strategic collaborations.


In short, we want to take advantage of the new global trends and turn the enormous problem of plastic pollution into opportunities for the island of Ibiza, applying an approach that includes:

  • The collection of plastic waste through specific schemes for the sector and for the community;

  • The design of limited edition items made with upcycled plastic mixed with other materials;

  • Production of prototypes employing the latest digital fabrication tools;

  • Run educational workshops and communication campaigns to inform and raise awareness;

  • The establishment of a Fab Lab, to share resources and knowledge with local talents.

  • Complete solutions for re-shaping and re-thinking our space.


Some of the opportunities for the companies who wants to engage with us: 

  • Take a role in reducing plastic usage and turn plastic waste into something unique and valuable. Create experience instead of throwing away your plastic, with the risk of polluting the environment. 

  • Take an active part in the community evolvement! Contribute to innovative community programs in favour of the island.

  • Gain visibility: PlúsTic partners with Ibiland Communication, leader in Ibiza in green marketing and unconventional communication. We tell your story through engaging content and express your values.

  • Join the movement. Public institutions, citizen and many other entities are now joining forces together. We are witnessing in Ibiza a spectacular rising against plastic pollution, and the creation of new standards for a sustainable life. Take part in it!


Few years ago we decided to enrich our lives by employing our skills in the stimulating field of sustainability. Design, art and communication get into the heart of the people, and that’s where we want to be.

In the wonderful island of Ibiza, we had the chance to meet the most amazing minds, and together we are working to protect our homeland.

We believe that we can offer tools for all the players to become allies in designing a meaningful world.  



Tel: +34 691 93 51 61

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