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From Ibiza to the World!

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Sunset at Cafe del Mar. Photo Giulia Brunelli

Here at Ibiland time goes fast, while we live a continuos present rich in inspirations.

I came back to Ibiza 4 years ago, after living amazing adventures in UK, South Africa, Italy and Abu Dhabi. Then I started my own blog, Ibiland (Entonces Ibiza). It was an experiment. I wanted to tell about a different me and a different way of living Ibiza after 10 years spent away from the island. It was quite a success.

Playing at Sluiz. Photo Vero Mansi

In that period, I discovered a gorgeous island, full of surprising landscapes that generate vivid emotions. I also discovered a delicate garden in the middle of the mediterranean sea in serious risk due to human contamination and mental pollution.

I realised that everyone, like me, seeks more sustainable approaches and that awareness is the key to change the route and head towards a more meaningful world.

Cala Saladeta. Photo Vero Mansi

Here at Ibiland (the Ibiza we love), free-thinking creatures live. They share the vision of a society away from obsolete structures and have as common goal to preserve their magical surrounding.

They are fairies, pirates, locals (indians), lost boys and other incredible characters, like my favourite: Peter Pan / Chris Dews, from Casita Verde (Green Heart Ibiza), who showed us that paradise is here and now, and that we should protect it.

Inspired by that, we now employ our experience in marketing, brand communication, art & design to empower companies to embrace a new farsighted vision and take part in the creation of a fair world, impulsed by many and longed by all.

We are Ibiland, welcome to our new creative home.

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